The Benefits of Company Leases for Landlords

There are many reasons why a landlord would be very open to allowing their property to be let by a company and in this blog we are going to explore the top benefits of going down this arrangement.

Top reasons why landlords love company lets:

  1. Guaranteed rental income

One of the biggest benefits is having the peace of mind that you have a regular and consistent rental income coming in each month without fail and with no voids – even if any of the rooms are vacant at the moment!

Many landlords want the security knowing that their investment is giving them a return after paying all their expenses and mortgage repayments. With guaranteed rent, over the long run they get a great return on investment without having to worry about voids.

  1. More free time

They always say time = money and you can’t put a price on your time. With company lets, the company will completely manage your property from looking after any minor maintenance, to being the first point of contact for all tenants, to letting rooms, tenant onboarding and referencing and much more. 

This means with a huge weight lifted off your shoulders, you can spend more time doing the things you love, be it investing time in a new project or hobby or taking that well deserved holiday knowing you can completely relax as everything is taken care of.

  1. Your property gets looked after 

We’re not like any other management company, with Titian Homes, we pride ourselves on looking after your property as if it were our own and we take the utmost care to make sure your property is properly maintained and looking in great condition. We are all about taking on a select number of properties in order for us to give them our attention and to create the highest quality of homes for our tenants.

In some cases, we’ll even upgrade your property through our light refurbishment process to give your property a fresh lease of life and to help increase the value of your investment. 

It’s a no brainer for most landlords as they have peace of mind that their property is in great hands.

  1. No fees

With company lets and with Titian Homes we don’t ask for any fees whatsoever. Usually for any management companies you can be expected to fork out a lot of extra fees from the tenant finding fees, admin fees, rent collection fees, maintenance fees and more.

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