Welcome Landlords

We are your perfect tenant

Has letting your property become more painful that profitable? If so, it might be time to learn about our Titian Homes guaranteed rent scheme.

Are you a landlord who is…

  • Struggling to let their property or fill rooms
  • Fed up of taking calls from tenants
  • Tired of chasing rent payments
  • Looking to retire
  • Want to free up more time to do the things you love!
  • Can’t keep up with all the paperwork and administrative work.

If the above sounds like you, look no further, we can guarantee your income for 3-5 years with no voids, pay all utility bills, carry out a free refurbishment, manage your property and house high quality working professionals. We give landlords complete peace of mind whilst maintaining their properties and taking away the stress of collecting rent.

Our Core Offering

What We Do


Guaranteed Rent

Landlords receive one simple payment every single month, with no voids ever. Just sit back and watch the rent roll in, even if rooms are empty.


Long Term Leases

We agree a flexible lease or management agreement of up to 5 years, with the option to extend at the end of the term.


Full Property Management

We take care of all the tenants and day to day management of your property as we are the sole point of contact for property management.


Property Maintenance

Any minor maintenance issues are rectified in-house by Titian Homes and with any larger issues quoted for and managed. We cover up to £100 per case.


No Fees. At all

We don’t charge you any fees. We simply pay you the guaranteed rent every month. We can do this because we charge tenants a slightly higher, yet affordable rent. We take all the risk. If rooms are empty, you get paid and we don’t.


Regular Inspections & Cleaning

Regular inspections and fortnightly cleaners attend to all bathrooms, communal areas & kitchen to keep your property in top condition.


Fully Furnished & Dressed

We fully furnish and get your property ready to create high quality accommodation at no extra cost to the landlord.


Free Light Refurbishment

We know that many properties can become tired over years. When you work with us, we can partner with you and help you to update and upgrade your property where necessary.


Personable & Friendly Team

Our friendly team help you make the transition from your current situation to property freedom.

The Wow Factor

We love property makeovers!

Our team will work their magic and transform your property into a stunning co-living home ready for professionals to call their new home!

We redecorate any walls, furnish your rooms, fit new flooring, add stylish accessories, deep clean appliances and spruce up your garden.

Need to go further? That’s no problem, we can partner with you and manage larger fit outs including new kitchens and bathrooms.

Next Steps...

How It Works

Initial Chat

We will set up a phone call to understand more about yourself and your property and to answer any initial questions you may have on our offering.


We meet with you and view your property to determine whether your property meets our criteria and we can discuss feasibility and how the overall process works.


Through evaluating the costs, we can then prepare and present you with an attractive proposal.


We then issue and enter into a corporate lease agreement for up to 5 years with guaranteed rent


We will get your property ready for tenants from dressing rooms, to undertaking any light refurbishment works, to furnishing and making sure we have done all the final checks before tenants move in.

What's the catch?

You’ll be glad to know there isn’t one. Our business model is simple and here’s how we make our profit.

  • Our professional service and refurbished properties attract a higher calibre of tenants, so we can command higher rental amounts for your property.
  • We pay you a reduced rent, but with no fees to pay and guaranteed rent, you end up earning more each month than through traditional letting.
  • Our profit is the difference between what we can charge the renters and what we guarantee to pay you.
We Make Landlords Happy

Landlord Feedback

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